We want our customers to have the best experience and safe experience. Before booking for a flight with us, please review our health requirements to ensure your safety:

  • Be in good health
  • Be more than 48 inches tall
  • Must be able to stay in a standing position for about one hour
  • You should not be recovering from an illness or a surgery
  • You don’t have any back or limb problems
  • You are not allowed to fly if you have a cast on
  • People who are on oxygen support are not allowed to fly
  • Pregnant and potentially pregnant individuals are not allowed to fly
  • You must be able to climb into and out of the balloon basket without assistance

People with unpredictable, violent mental illness may not be allowed for their own safety.

If you are not sure about your physical well-being, please visit your doctor before booking a flight with us. You should also discuss with us any physical limitations. Tiverton Balloon Festival will not take any responsibility if a balloon flight aggravates an underlying physical condition. We also don’t discriminate any condition, but the health requirements are for the safety of all passengers in the hot air balloon.

We also require you to sign a release of liability waiver. You can’t participate in a balloon flight without signing the release of liability waiver. You should review the waiver and sign it before checking in for your scheduled flight.

Safety clothes

Casual wear is safe for hot air ballooning. Dress appropriately according to the weather. The temperature on the ground is similar to the temperature above ground while in a hot air balloon. Wear closed shoes with long pants plus a hat to protect you from heat generated by the burner. Open shoes, shorts, and high heels are not allowed.

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