hot air balloon

In recent times, the hot air balloon ride has been considered as one of the best romantic gestures you could pull off. More than that, however, it was      also good to have a personal      experience in a hot air balloon. Before you agree to fly thousands of feet in the air, there are various essential issues you need to note.

How much money does a hot air balloon ride cost?

Several factors determine the cost of a hot air balloon ride.  The value of each ride ranges between $200-$300. Some other hot air balloon rides can cost as little      as $129 per individual. It always good to have flight comparisons between      cheap and expensive hot air balloon rides to find what suits your budget

Can one have a hot air balloon ride in bad weather?

A hot air balloon is mainly propelled     by the wind. This means that a hot air balloon can only fly in clear weather conditions and where there is no rain, unruly wind     and no fog.

At what time of the day do hot air balloon flights take place?

Most of the hot air balloons can only fly at sunset and sunrise because during this time of the day the wind is calm but still powerful enough for proper propulsion.

What is the height of a hot air balloon basket?

The height of hot air balloon varies; however, it should be short enough for someone to look over tall     enough to make you feel safe and comfortable.

How does one feel like in a hot air balloon?

Once you get off the ground, one feels like floating, and because the wind propels the balloon, one does not feel any swaying or resistance. The air is also ordinarily quiet and still.  It floats up and down to about 2000 feet from the ground

How scary are hot air balloon rides?

Piloted properly, most hot air balloon rides      are just relaxed and calm. However, it can be a tad scary      when trying to take pictures in a hot air balloon. For one to have a clear shot, one must try to get out past the edges of the basket.

What is the cost of a hot air balloon for purchase     ?

Everyone would want to own such a luxurious gadget. However, a small hot air balloon costs about $22000. This kind of air balloon only fits two people. Any air balloon that holds more than two passengers costs $35000 and above.  A flight comparison between these two hot air balloon rides would lead to two completely different experiences.

How long does a hot air balloon ride take?

A hot air balloon ride takes about 2-3hrs from when it starts to the finish, when flight comparisons are held for all the hot air balloon rides.

Are there age limitations or height and weight restrictions for a hot air balloon ride?

Those scheduled to have a hot air balloon ride must be six years old and above. however, there are no weight and height restrictions.

What should one wear in a hot air balloon ride?

One should be comfortably dressed depending on the weather conditions. however, do not overdress because it usually is warmer in the balloon

Can a pregnant person fly in a hot air balloon?

It is not possible for     a pregnant person to fly in a hot air balloon given the health risks

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