Guns and Hot Air Balloons

Soon after Texans passed the law validating hunting and shooting coyotes and feral hogs while on hot air balloons, so much criticism arose. One Republican lawmaker known as John Cyrier wrote to the government advising against the law saying that guns and hot air balloons don’t mix. If you want to learn, you can Read more at on Guns and hot air balloon topic.

Even from a layman’s outlook, hot air balloons are way more dangerous when compared to other types of aircraft, meaning the hunters are at more risk of dying or getting injured in the process. There are many reasons that would make you disregard the law as a bad idea.

Creates False Sense of Security

One State representative is known as John Cyrier in whose district had witnessed a catastrophic balloon blast that led to the death of 16 people wrote to governor Greg Abbott against the law that was about to be introduced to let Texans kill hogs while on hot air balloons.   The lawmakers had passed the legislation universally, but he considered it unsafe.  He confirmed that since Texans were able to safely hunt feral hogs while on helicopters, which he had done severally, he didn’t see the reason to go the hot air balloons way as it isn’t safe. He supported his criticism by saying the pilot behind the accident known as Alfred Nichols had been convicted severally for driving while drunk in Missouri but was able to fly a hot air balloon since balloon pilots aren’t held to the same background and medical standards as commercial pilots and vehicle drivers.

Improving Hot Air Balloon Safety Would Be Better

With so many pending cases of hot air balloon triggered deaths and injuries, the legislators could have at least tried to devise plans on how to improve balloon safety and minimize potential tragedies. Also, the lawmakers should have at least looked into the petition presented by the two Antonio victims hot air balloon crash to better understand the accident cause and come up with strategies to minimize similar cases in the future.  They could as well have looked into the legislation introduced by Senator Ted Cruz to ensure balloon pilots take the same medical and professional exams as commercial pilots.

Hot Air Balloons Shouldn’t Be Treated Differently From Commercial Pilots

Hot air balloons, just like planes pass through the air and the risk of emergency falls, and deaths are the same. Treating balloon pilots differently only puts passengers at risk. Based on a report by Express-news known as John Tedesco, almost half of the hot air balloon commercial crashes that had happened from 2005 were as a result of wrong moves by the pilots. That simply means getting the balloon pilots on control could have helped reduce the cases of increased balloon crashes that have left thousands dead and hundreds catastrophically injured.

Whichever way we assess the passing of the law allowing people on hot air balloons to kill pigs with guns, the indisputable certainty is that the lawmakers made a really big mistake. It could have been more understandable if the legislators took their time to solve the pending safety issues and cases related to hot air balloons.

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