We can schedule a flight within a day’s notice, but it is advisable to make a reservation earlier for a better flying experience.

At the time of booking, we will request your credit card number to confirm the reservation.

For reservations, you may call us on our toll-free number. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Traveler’s checks. A 48-hour cancellation policy is also available.

Flight fee per person is available for 150 British pounds.


Due to unpredictable weather and other varying weather conditions, it might not be possible to fly on any given day. This also makes an online reservation system not entirely efficient. As much as possible, call or email us to make a reservation and for information on availability.

We require every passenger’s name, weight (not approximate weight), and the hotel the passenger is staying in when making a reservation.

You can contact us via email at info@tivertonballoonfestival.co.uk.