When are you available?

Our online reservations are always available 24/7. However, our reservationists can cater to your inquiries only from Monday to Saturday at 9 AM to 5 PM….

What outfit should I wear?

It’s best to dress appropriately depending on the season. You might also want to wear a hat since the burners will generate heat once the balloon flies….

Is hot air ballooning safe?

It is safe to fly in a hot air balloon. Since we began flying, we have not recorded any incident or accident involving our flights….

How big is a hot air balloon?

The baskets can carry around 1 to 15 passengers. The balloon can be as tall as a five-story building when inflated. Most balloons are about 50,000 cubic feet and 300,000 cubic feet depending on its purpose….

How does the hot air balloon fly?

Balloons fly using the principle of cold and hot air plus gravity. Hot air rises and cold air descends. The balloon is pumped with air which is then heated, making it rise. When the air inside the balloon cools, the balloon will descend….

How high does an air balloon fly?

An air balloon can fly from the treetop level up to 3,000 feet above the ground. The flight is dependent on the wind speed, direction, and what the passenger wants….