Guns and Hot Air Balloons Don’t Mix

Guns and Hot Air Balloons

Soon after Texans passed the law validating hunting and shooting coyotes and feral hogs while on hot air balloons, so much criticism arose. One Republican lawmaker known as John Cyrier wrote to the government advising against the law saying that guns and hot air balloons don’t mix. If you want to learn, you can Read more at on Guns and hot air balloon topic.
Even from a layman’s …

The cost of a hot air balloon Ride and other FAQS

hot air balloon

In recent times, the hot air balloon ride has been considered as one of the best romantic gestures you could pull off. More than that, however, it was      also good to have a personal      experience in a hot air balloon. Before you agree to fly thousands of feet in the air, there are various essential issues you need to note.
How much money does a hot air balloon ride cost?
Several factors determine the cost of a…

Is CBD The Answer To Controlling Flying Anxiety?


Do you get sweaty palms and palpitations when you think about getting on an airplane?
Do you suffer from other symptoms of aerophobia?
If even thinking about flying makes you feel anxious, then perhaps some Cannabis Oils is the answer to solving your problems.
Aerophobia: Flying Anxiety
You are not alone.
There are many people who suffer from aerophobia, which simply means they are afraid of flying.
There is no definitive medical …

All About Bali’s First Hot Air Balloon Adventure

First Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Tourism in Bali has taken up to 80% of the island economy, but it is a growing and thriving industry – for good reasons too! The culture is an interesting amalgamation of spirituality and sensuality. The food is sublime, and the beaches are divine. According to Jayride, tour packages come by so easily you can get yourself a deal that includes Bali airport transfers to all-around island …

Fly Fishing: How to Get Started

Fly Fishing

While some people go to the beach to pass time, others like to pass time with a fishing rod. Fishing is one way to relieve stress, unwind, or bond with family and friends. Many people have been using live bait for fishing. According to, it is illegal or discouraged in some areas to use live bait for fishing since it disrupts the ecosystem and threatens the population of the live baits, especially worms and other …

World’s Best Hot Air Balloon Rides and How to Book One

Best Hot Air Balloon Rides

To see the world from a different perspective often revitalizes one’s mind and soul. Riding a hot air balloon, on top of everything there is below – the lush green farmlands, the rugged mountains, and intertwining rivers – can make a person realize the beauty that the world has to offer. Here are the top 5 best hot air balloon rides in the world and some tips on how to book one:
Queenstown, New Zealand
Queenstown is known as the world’s adventure capital …

Health Requirements for Baloon Adventure

We want our customers to have the best experience and safe experience. Before booking for a flight with us, please review our health requirements to ensure your safety:

Be in good health
Be more than 48 inches tall
Must be able to stay in a standing position for about one hour
You should not be recovering from an illness or a surgery
You don’t have any back or limb problems
You are not allowed to fly if you have a cast on…

What to Wear

When flying, you have to wear ideal clothes for your own safety and comfort when up high in the sky. Long pants are ideal, but most of the clothing should be layered since the temperature rises during the mid-morning hours. You should wear fully-protective shoes and avoid high-heels, flip flops, and sandals.
To protect your head during takeoff, especially from the radiant heat of the burners, it’s important to wear a hat, especially during the summer. It’s not cold in the…