First Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Tourism in Bali has taken up to 80% of the island economy, but it is a growing and thriving industry – for good reasons too! The culture is an interesting amalgamation of spirituality and sensuality. The food is sublime, and the beaches are divine. According to Jayride, tour packages come by so easily you can get yourself a deal that includes Bali airport transfers to all-around island tours.

The island boasts of so much to offer for the diverse crowds it invites. Even the heights of Bali are remembered for the seas of clouds and the memorable sunrise. This new addition, however, will make you appreciate the lush island life more – at the height of 50 meters. Write this one on your bucket list: Hot Air Balloon Ride over Bali.

Up, Up, Away

While we’re used to seeing a place in bird’s eye view with a drone, the Chedi Club Ubud decided that there’s no better way to experience a landscape than to see it for yourself – in real-time. This 23-meter hot air balloon ride is a first for Bali, and it will be flying over the beautiful rice paddies, volcano foothills, and forests of Ubud. At a distance, you will find Mount Agung, the highest point of the island which also happens to be their most sacred place.

It markets the unrivaled spectacular sceneries of Bali that most tourists aren’t acquainted with unless they have gone hiking on the island’s trails or mountain climbing. It’s an experience that is entirely something else, akin to that of flying birds, but the ascent will be slow and deliberate. You will have enough time to feast your eyes while you’re up there, and that’s an experience a drone can’t capture.

Flight Schedules

If you’re planning to go on a ride, opt to travel to Bali between June to November. Hot air balloon flights will be scheduled 3 times daily by then: at dawn, late in the afternoon (around sunset), and early in the evening (just after moonrise).

A typical flight takes 5 to 7 minutes, and the ride’s cozy wicker basket can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children (under 12), excluding the pilot.

After the rides, the guests will also be provided breakfast, afternoon tea, or dinner depending on their schedule. The package also includes insurance, a souvenir, and certification. Bali airport transfers and hotel transfers are not included, so you might as well look for a tour package that will allow you to travel to other areas of Bali easily.

The Thrill of Soft Adventures

Not everyone is up for some volcano trekking or paragliding, but we all sure would love to see the magnificence of Ubud’s natural landscapes, especially in the Tanah Gajah area. It’s not every day that you get to go high up into the skies in a basket when just enough light touches the vegetation and the terrain. This is truly an experience you would not want to miss for the world.

Therefore, if by any chance you find yourself looking for cheap flights for the next family vacation or your romantic getaway, you might want to book one for Bali and put Chedi Club Ubud’s Hot Air Balloon Ride on your itinerary.

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