We are Devon’s oldest and most famous balloon company. We have been in the business since the early 1980s with one of the best safety records. Our company is one of the few hot air balloon companies with the longest flying record in Tiverton and the UK at large.

Our company is one of the few licensed to operate hot air balloons within the town of Tiverton in Devon. Other companies are either not licensed to fly in the Devon area or capitalize on the name but take off from a different area.

We have several balloons ranging from small-sized balloons to the big-sized ones. The small balloons can carry about 6 to 7 people depending on average weight, while the larger counterparts can carry about twelve people, making them ideal for passengers who want to fly in a big group. Whichever choice you pick, our balloons will assure you of friendly and safe flying experience.

We have the best professional pilots, all of which are licensed, supported by a ground support crew with ultra-modern equipment ready to tackle any obstacle. Our professional crews and ground support equipment will give you the chance to enjoy your flying experience with a relaxed mind.

Your flying experience will be topped by a picnic breakfast with some light champagne.

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